Bal-A-Vis-X Practitioners and Trainers  

Fact: Anyone who completes one of our trainings is immediately ready, and encouraged, to use BAVX with her own children or students or clients--with anyone who might benefit from these exercises. A teacher may introduce BAVX into her classroom. A therapist may augment her range of other modalities with BAVX. If you have taken our training, you may use BAVX with anyone.

But you may not

* refer to yourself as "certified" in BAVX
* promote yourself as a BAVX Practitioner or Trainer
* provide hands-on demonstrations of BAVX
* "train" colleagues or employees in BAVX
(Note: an OT or PT may show an assistant or co-teacher a single exercise to be used in therapist's absence)
* present hands-on BAVX for academic credit
* charge a fee for using BAVX
(Note: a therapist with a private practice naturally charges for her regular sessions so adding BAVX to her sessions is not charging specifically for BAVX // a teacher with a private tutorial service naturally charges for tutoring so infusing BAVX into her tutorials is not charging specifically for BAVX)

Fact: A Bal-A-Vis-X Practitioner may charge for private BAVX sessions. The charge is for both expertise and time. As well, a Practitioner may charge for supporting / overseeing / evaluating other adults in their use of BAVX, such as in classrooms, therapy sites, retirement facilities, or with parents in private homes.

Fact: A Bal-A-Vis-X Trainer may conduct trainings up to 16 hours in length and may charge accordingly. (Stipulations apply. The Trainers know of these stipulations and will make them known as necessary.)

Fact: No "certification" process to become a Bal-A-Vis-X Practitioner or Trainer exists. The Practitioners and/or Trainers listed below did not ask to join our team of Practitioners / Trainers. Rather, I invited them. Of the more than 11,000 adults we have trained world-wide, these few people have the following in common:

A) each has taught / worked with children at least 15 years
B) each has known me personally at least 5 years
C) each has taken all levels of BAVX training at least 12 times
D) each has used BAVX regularly with children at least 5 years
E) each has demonstrated that (s)he shares my vision for the future of Bal-A-Vis-X
F) each has been invited by me personally to become part of our Bal-A-Vis-X team

FACT: The maximum training provided by the latter is 17 hours total. Bill is the only one who provides all three training sessions: the 17-hour, 20-hour, 24 hour.

Fact: No reduced ("repeater's") registration fee exists. Each training is unique. No training is simply a "review."

Fact: No one may attend a partial training. No one may skip Level 1 because it has been taken previously. Each training is All or Nothing.

Fact: Except for the special 8-hour preschool session, no 1-day BAVX training exists. No 3-hour or 6-hour mini-training exists. No shortened "BAVX Basics" training exists. No 3-hour BAVX inservice exists.

[Key to the following table: P = Practitioner / T = Trainer]

United States
  Name Location Email Website
T Lisa Farber Anchorage, AK Learning Dynamics
P/T Anne Wheaton
Terry Tinney
Tucson, AZ
P/T Deana Douglas Phoenix, AZ  

Maria Palma 

Modesto, CA  

Loryn Hudson

Oakland, CA  
T Francis Norsworthy
Julie Leach
Rio Linda, CA
Rocklin, CA

P/T Bill Janssen Sebastopol, CA  
Linda Faste
Shirley Kelley
Stanford, CA
Penfield, NY
P Debbie Wilkinson Northford, CT  
T Greg Solomon Ocala, FL  
P Stacee Sanders Fruitland, ID  
P  Earl Robinson Geary County, KS  
P  Pam Jones   Marion, KS  
P Meagan Baldwin Newton, KS  
P Carmina Suter Newton, KS  

Jeremy Seeger  

Rochester, VT / Newton, MA  
P/T Katy Held Ann Arbor, MI Learning from the Heart
T Jacque Groenendyk Holland, MI   Mosaic Integrated Learning
P/T MaryAnn Short NW MI  
T Chris Loughrin Grand Haven, MI
P Keith Jones Fargo, ND  
P/T Candi Cosgrove Windham, NH

Creating Connections

(P/T) Team Long Island, NY



Emily Eisen Northport, NY   Brainworks Plus
Christine Rockett Long Island, NY  
Marie Passaro Long Island, NY    
Diana Keegan Long Island, NY  
Lynn Berry Long Island, NY  
Erin Sheehan Long Island, NY  
P Toni Nickell
Baker City, OR  
P Jerry Nickell Baker City, OR  

Nancy Ames       

Baker City, OR  
P Christi Sullivan La Grande, OR  
P Douglas Uyeki         Ontario, OR  
P Wayne Stevenson OTR/OTR/L  
P Becky Clark
Spray, OR  
P/T Thad Trahan Anahuac, TX  
P Sonia Story Chimacum, WA  
P/T Cheri Johnson Spokane, WA
P Michelle Drucker Viroqua, WI  
  Name Location Email Website
P Chantal Collier  Embourg, Belgium  
P Micheline Collier Embourg, Belgium  

Caroline Depuis    

Neufchateau, Belgium  
P Marie-Anne Saive  Tilff-Esneux, Belgium  
P/T Usha Patel London  

Samuel Fourdrinnier 

La Rochelle, France

P Loic Le Hanneur  Angers, France

P Ulrike Mueller  Monchengladbach, Germany

P Eva Wolke-Hanenkamp Gehrde-Helle, Germany  
P Jeanette Scheich Grundau, Germany

P Cordula Stark Dusseldorf, Germany

P Sabine Kuesters  NRW/Viersen, Germany

P Martina Nowak Pegnitz, Germany

P Katrin Mokosch Magdeburg, Germany

P Monika Kuballa  Karlsruhe, Germany

P Elisabeth Poll Kassel, Germany

T Marianne Devitt-Awater Nijmegen, Netherlands

Lene Solli Fitzgerald

Trondheim, Norway  
P/T Jane Oliver, Mike Oliver Scotland
P Sabine Steffen-Hayati  Edinburgh, Scotland  
P/T Sumiati & Chua Muhd Hadi Singapore

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